Dolce Si Pastry

During winter or summer, gelato is always amazing.

Gelato, for those who have never tasted it, is popular all over Europe and especially in Italy.  Gelato is known for it’s wonderful flavor and smooth, creamy texture.  Unlike ice cream, gelato is mixed at a much slower rate, with more milk and less cream (and less calories!), giving it the smooth texture many travelers in Italy have come to love.

Tacoma’s Dolce Sí Bakery and Cafe carries a wide selection of gelato.  From strawberry, to melon, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and more.  The selection is wonderful and for those who have never tried gelato before, you are in for a wonderful treat!

After a movie or an evening dinner at Point Ruston on Tacoma’s waterfront, come on by Dolce Si and experience Sicily in Tacoma.

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